Tagging, or how I'm trying to defeat my LJ style.

This LJ style doesn't get a sidebar for tags, so I'll try to have them here at the top of the page instead.

(The cards are tagged mostly by writer's nickname or guest character.)


Thank you!

The Tulip Fairy passed by my page and left lovely flowers!
In thanks to the unnamed sweetie, I offer a link: ,

of a song from the Forties, in which the moon is made of Dutch cheese, a little Dutch baby sleeps in its tiny crib and the tulips lean toward each other talking about love.

I couldn't find a decent video with the song, sorry about that!

entry for buffyverse5, copy

There's all flavours of fanfiction, but at this time of year I think sweet treats are classic...I want to offer magic brownies, buttered crumpets, cookie monsters, fancy donuts, and chocolate muffin doll vampires!
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