riccadonna (riccadonna) wrote,

Tagging, or how I'm trying to defeat my LJ style.

This LJ style doesn't get a sidebar for tags, so I'll try to have them here at the top of the page instead.

(The cards are tagged mostly by writer's nickname or guest character.)

Tags: abbey road, alice, always jbj, anaross, angearia, asscerbic, athenewolfe, baba yaga, batman, bender, betty boop, bogwitch, botias, buster keaton, calvin&hobbes, confusedkayt, constance b, corto maltese, doll!spike, elsaf, enigmaticblues, eowyn 315, europanya, eurydice, felix the cat, franknfurter, freddy krueger, fritz, gabrielleabelle, george of being human, gillo, gorey, green maia, herself, jamalov29, kallysten, king kong, krazy kat, krocodile, lady godiva, li'l abner, lilachigh, livejournal, mad_brilliant_, mary had a little lamb, mere ubu, missmurchison, moscow watcher, msclawdia, mustangsally & rivkat, nautibitz, nemo, penny lane 42, petzipellepingo, pfeifferpack, pinocchio, pogo, quinara, rahirah, rebcake, rip kirby, santa claus' costume, satrapi, slaymesoftly, snickfic, snowwhite, speaker2customers, spiderman, spikez_tart, spok, st salieri, superman, tarzan, the hulk, the little mermaid, the thing, the thinker, thedeadlyhook, welcome, weyrewolfen, wonder woman, xena, yellow submarine, zonker
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