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Oct. 31st, 2009 | 10:04 am

There's all flavours of fanfiction, but at this time of year I think sweet treats are classic...I want to offer magic brownies, buttered crumpets, cookie monsters, fancy donuts, and chocolate muffin doll vampires!

1) These brownies are Rick's magically doctored ones in Spiders From Mars, last part in my all time favourite finished saga:


"“Spike,” she said in the voice of crisp efficiency, “I can patrol on my own. And it’s not like I’m going to sleep tonight because I had four cups of coffee since I’ve been here.”
“Maybe I’ll drop by at bedtime an’ make sure you’re good and tired.”
Eyes narrowed, she examined him as though he’d crawled out of one of the sewers. “Do you come up with that sleazy crap on your own or is there a book?”
So much for the attempt at titillation. Spike pushed himself away from the counter and gathered up his brownie and coffee. She wasn’t going to take those away from him."

2) Buttered crumpets, and not just that, but everything an english pastry and tea shop would offer you in a dream:


...just reading about it will put weight on your hips!

3) The Attack of the Cookie Monsters. No way I can explain this. It's just too good, and you're lucky if you haven't seen it already:


4) About donuts: "There were only two donuts left. One of them was chocolate fudge with maraschino cherries. The other was a mocha marshmallow with orange rind and sour ball chunks. I hate mocha marshmallow. I’m not proud of it, but I planned on grabbing that chocolate fudge at Maximum Slayer Speed so Willow couldn’t get it."


This one of hers is a little bit more than a divertissement, but her donuts are always of an alien, superior quality.

5) What can I say about Chocolate Muffin Vampire Dolls? This is the kind of thing that makes me laugh with a frown, and is it weird or is it kinky or is it silly or what is it? I'm baffled.


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